Shipping and Return

Shipping and Return:

Returnable Products
Customers should look to the item’s product detail page or their order history to determine if an item is returnable. All items that do not fall into the aforementioned returnable categories are not eligible for return. Of course, if your item arrives damaged or incorrect, we will make every effort to remedy the situation.


Returns Window
Eligible items must be returned within 7 days of the date the item was received, or as otherwise stated on the item return policy. Returned items must be unused, unworn, unwashed and undamaged. Please return items in their original packaging including: hangers, plastic wrap, hang tags, shoeboxes, dust bags and gift boxes.


Returns Process
Write us at stating the reason for returning the product. In the case the item is returnable, you will be e-mailed the complete details.


International returns
We do not offer merchandise exchanges on orders shipped internationally. In the unlikely event that any merchandise you have ordered from us is not received in good condition, is damaged or defective, or if merchandise delivered is different from what you had expected, please reach out to us at within 48 hours of receiving the order.


Refunds on international orders include duties, taxes and tariffs when sent, and unfortunately, we cannot refund your original domestic and international shipping charges.


We do not accept any returns if the product is dispatched to us after 14 days of receiving the shipment. So please make sure you report the matter to us and dispatch the product at the earliest once we accept the return request. Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Accepted" confirmation email from us.


Purchasing a gift card is as easy as purchasing an item. You can send a request to us on email or WhatsApp or Instagram / Facebook account mentioning the desired amount.


You can send a gift card of any value to your friends and family with absolute ease. We email the gift voucher to the recipient on your behalf along with a message.


If you have received a gift voucher, all you have to do is shop all that you love and before billing intimate the cashier about the same. The gift voucher will automatically be adjusted against your total amount.